Trailer, stills and poster for horror-thriller Animosity

an-i-mos-i-ty (n) ill will or resentment tending toward active hostility : an antagonistic attitude

Today we have a look at the first trailer, poster and stills from director Brendan Steere's new horror-thriller ANIMOSITY, and judging from what I've seen from these pics and the trailer, the title is a fitting description of what we're in store for with this little shocker. The stills can be seen above and at the bottom of this article, but it's the trailer that has me sold on wanting to seek this one out. Peep that shite below:

A newlywed couple moves into a house in the middle of the woods. Soon, they discover the forest surrounding the house is host to sinister supernatural powers that cause them to turn against each other.

Director Brenden Steere also sent over a few words about the inspiration behind the film, stating:

I love movies with gobs of gore and blood, but this is just not that movie. I was thinking a lot about Ti West's films while making it. Argento's earlier giallo work. Alien and Rosemary's Baby – movies that creep and build. There's a palpable mystery and build that really I'm very happy with. I think we've really made something special, and I really hope the horror community responds to it."

ANIMOSITY stars Tracy Willet (SNOW), Marcin Paluch (THE RETRIBUTION), Tom Martin (DOCTOR BELLO), Alyssa Kempenski (SADIE THE WEBSERIES) and Stephan Goldbach (SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY) and is coming at us from Executive Producer Roy Frumkes (STREET TRASH, DOCUMENT OF THE DEAD). More on this film as we hear it!

Extra Tidbit: Did the trailer for ANIMOSITY do anything for ya?



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