Victor Crowley will be leaving the swamp if Hatchet 5 happens

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VICTOR CROWLEY, the fourth film in the HATCHET franchise, won't be widely available until next Tuesday, February 6th, but I don't think it's really a spoiler to reveal that the titular slasher has a chance of returning in further sequels beyond this one. If he can come back from the ending of HATCHET III, he can come back from anything.

During the build-up to VICTOR CROWLEY's home video release, HATCHET creator Adam Green sat down for a Reddit AMA session with fans... and of course, fans had questions about the future of the series beyond this new sequel. Green confirmed that he has an idea in place for a fifth film, and if it happens (if VICTOR CROWLEY makes a solid profit), it will see Victor Crowley leaving his stomping grounds of Honey Island Swamp for the first time.

Here's what Green had to say about the sequel possibilities: 

As you'll see with VICTOR CROWLEY (don't miss the scene that happens in the middle of the end credits!) the series is set up for more stories. I have a master plan and laid the seeds in this new one for where it's going to go... but unfortunately in today's new era where most stream films and too many pirate them illegally, we can't be too sure that we'll get to make more of them. We hope that we can continue making one every few years after I've gotten a chance to make my other projects and whenever I am ready to come back to HATCHET, but we'll see what happens!

If there is a HATCHET 5 "Victor Crowley" will be leaving the swamp. Can't say anything more yet but I purposely brought him back in this new film in a way where the rules have slightly changed. We'll see if we get to make a part 5 in a few years!"

Continuing to get a new HATCHET movie every few years sounds good to me, so I hope VICTOR CROWLEY will be successful. It would be very interesting to see what could be done with the character outside of the swamp.

While we ponder the idea of HATCHET 5 in a different setting, there is a cool VICTOR CROWLEY tie-in novel coming soon. In VICTOR CROWLEY, we learn that HATCHET III survivor Andrew Yong has written a book about his experience in Honey Island Swamp that's titled I, Survivor. As revealed in our live Facebook Q&A with Green and HATCHET star Kane Hodder a couple days ago, Green has actually written the full I, Survivor book with author Joe Knetter and it's set to be released sometime in the spring.

You can check out a recording of that Q&A session, which includes Green addressing the possibility of a HATCHET/BEHIND THE MASK crossover, in the embed below.

You can also pre-order a copy of VICTOR CROWLEY on DVD/Blu-ray RIGHT HERE.

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