We interview Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen for Wind River!

WIND RIVER is one of the most impressive feature films you are likely to see this year. From the opening shot featuring a woman, terrrified, running in the snow, it is difficult not to be taken in by this smart feature film written and directed by Taylor Sheridan (HELL OR HIGH WATER, SICARIO). The film presents a very intense tale, one that is perfectly cast. It is terrific to see both Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen working together outside the Marvel Universe, and they are both absolutely fantastic. 

We recently sat down with Olsen and Renner during the film's junket. They talked about the weather conditions shooting WIND RIVER, and whether or not the environment and snowfall affected their performances. The two also chatted about the serious nature of the film, especially Renner's portrayal of game tracker Cory Lambert. This is an exceptional film, but not an easy one. It also happens to feature two of the best performances from these two talented actors. WIND RIVER opens this Friday and it is well worth seeking out.


Source: AITH

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