Will the new Friday the 13th finally introduce Jason's father?

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When we reported yesterday that Aaron Guzikowski's script for the new FRIDAY THE 13TH would contain an origin story for the hockey masked serial killer Jason Voorhees, it was met with quite a bit of fan ire, including my own. However, hardcore Jasonheads might be changing their tune with this latest development. According to Birth Movies Death's Devin Faraci, a source close to the production has confirmed that the script includes a long lost F13 figure... Jason's father.

Elias Voorhees is a man of mythical proportions, always appearing on the outskirts of the franchise. Although he was planned to make an appearance at the end of PART VI: JASON LIVES, his part was cut (although he did show up in the film's novelization). More planned appearance were also axed in JASON GOES TO HELL and FREDDY VS. JASON.

He was depicted as an abusive brute in flashbacks from the 1995 comic Jason vs. Leatherface (pictured below), but that's hardly "canonical," as if anything in the series actually followed any continuity anyway. Although, especially considering that he called Pamela Voorhees "Doris," this entry especially didn't seem to understand just what the hell was going on with Jason. Let's hope the film at least has more sense of the character, which is not that hard to get.

At any rate, as needless as a Jason origin story is, maybe the first actual film appearance of Elias will assuage some of the nerd wounds yesterday's news has caused to longtime fans.

Extra Tidbit: Is an origin story worth it if we finally get to meet Elias?



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