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Written by: The Arrow
Director: Avi Nesher

Michael Biehn/Eddie Kaye
Patsy Kensit/Dr. Anna
Billy Blanks/Mr. Brown
Tracy Scoggins/Blue
7 10
Average bud Eddie Kaye (Biehn) has a simple life. He lives alone, fixes watches for a living and loves riding his bike. One night someone tries to kill him and that triggers something. He loses his cool, feels like a target and has sexy and violent hallucinations. Is it all in his mind? No, someone does want him dead and they attempt to murder him enough times for him to be sure of it. But why? With the help of a pouty lipped psychologist (Kensit) he tries to get at the bottom of it all…he might not like what he finds.
Take a drop of \"Total Recall\", a pinch of \"Long Kiss Goodnight\", slap in an out of control Michael Biehn and you’ve got \"Timebomb\". For the first hour this movie doesn’t quit: gunfights, fist fights, explosions and chase scenes. I have never seen so many innocent bystanders get killed in one movie. That’s a positive thing. A few plot inconsistencies such as a deserted military lab still functional after 30 years and dumbo Anna (Kensit) that unknowingly keeps on giving away their location (how dumb can u be, this is the government you’re dealing with, don’t use your credit card, they’ll find you) are not enough to sink this adrenaline pumping action movie. A wonderful blend of conspiracy flick and science-fiction with a penchant for graphic violence. Tic Toc, Tic Toc…Boom!
Pretty gruesome: slit throats, bullet ridden innocent civilians and one bloody head pounding. I loved it.
Michael Biehn (Kaye) a very underrated actor goes all out for this one. His acting chops are up for it and he gives us a multilayered performance. Anxiety, paranoia, insanity, confusion and rage. He delivers the thespian goods. (and kinda looks like Yoda) For a licensed psychologist Patsy Kensit (Anna) sure comes across as a dumb broad…but it’s ok cause she looks great on screen. Billy Blanks (Mr. Brown) \"Tae-Boe’s\" his way through this one and Tracy Scoggins (Blue) knows how to look menacing, walk in heels and show her cleavage.
T & A
Biehn shows us his pumped up upper body and Kensit reveals the firm breasts we always knew she had.
Nesher doesn’t stop for air on this one. He keeps the movie going at a lightning pace and sure knows how to film bloodshed. He fills the movie with excessive violence and cold sexuality. The tense chase/shootout in the porno theater is one of my favorite scenes.
The score gels well with the action. It sometimes made my heart pound.
Yes, the movie slows down after its non stop first hour and the ending is predictable but this film has a decent script, good acting and some superb carnage. I don\'t get why this film was ignored by the big screen, it surpasses half the crap we’ve been getting these days. If you like your science-fiction and love your Michael Biehn (who doesn’t) then don\'t let this one slip through your fingers.
Nesher’s experience in the Israeli army was the inspiration for this film. Michael Biehn went through a rigorous military training for this role and learned how to draw a gun, cock it and shoot under 3 and a half-second.