How well do you know your movies? Play our ‘Invisibles’ Movie Trivia Quiz!

Last Updated on November 17, 2023

We’re happy to present a new addition to the website and that is the ‘Invisibles’ trivia quizzes. Basically we will show you a picture from a movie between 1980 and today, without the people showing in the image (hence, the term…invisibles), and you have to guess what movie that picture is from. That’s pretty much it. You have the option of playing a shorter game featuring only 50 images or the longer version featuring 100 images. You can always access this new trivia quiz via our drop-down menu. The same image will not come back in the same game, but if you restart another game, you might see the same pic again, as they are chosen randomly and we only have about 250 of them in our database at the moment. Which reminds me, we’d like to thank the website with whom we partnered for this, the OG if you will,! (home of the Invisibles since 2001) A specific thank you to the man behind that website, Brian Kirk, who is now a board game designer! In fact, he created this one based on friggin JAWS!!

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about below.


In the actual game, we will only show you the right answer, if you get it right. Keeps you guessing.

As you go, you will see your score at the top right hand corner of the screen. Once you complete your game, we will identify the type of movie fanatic you are (depending on your score, of course — no cheating!), for example:

Oh and one last thing, as soon as you start typing your guess for the name of the film, we will automatically “auto-show” you options under the form that start with the letters you typed in. This helps resolve any “spelling mistake” issues that might have popped up otherwise.

But enough talk, CLICK HERE to start or click on any of the pictures below.



So how well do you know your movies?!?