Hugh Jackman and his mutton chops of badassery are on track to begin filming The Wolverine next week

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

The Wolverine sideways teaser art

It was reported several months ago that THE WOLVERINE would be filming in August, and right on schedule we have word from a Movie Hole reporter on site that filming is still slated to begin some time next week. Which certainly bodes well for a production that has taken so damn long to even get off the ground.

Interestingly, despite all of the back and forth last week about who would be playing the villainous Viper in Logan’s upcoming Japan-set adventure, Hugh Jackman and director James Mangold are still keeping mum as to any details regarding the actress inhabiting this new incarnation of the character except to say that Biel was actually never nearly locked down.  “She was one of many actresses we were speaking to but no decisions had been made and nobody was definitely in or out.”

Jackman and Mangold in suit on set

Star Hugh Jackman and director James Mangold with Julia Gillard, Australia’s Prime Minister.

Jackman then went on to share a few observations about what the role of Logan has meant to him, what it may mean in the future, and what it was like bulking up again for the role (he’s nearly 45 now):

“I was lucky enough to start the character 12 yars ago from a comic that started 50 or 60 years ago, and there was a massive following for the character. He’s really been the backbone of my career and I love Wolverine. At the time of the first movie I really had no choice but to take anything that came along, but I’ve been lucky enough to walk into a character that’s the most interesting and complex of superhero characters, and I’ve always loved playing it.”

“I’m sure the franchise will live long beyond me. I do them one at a time and see how I go. When I saw the script and when Jim [Magnold] got on board – I feel like a golfer looking for a hole in one – I thought it was the best script and we had the chance to really make a definitive movie”.

“It’s not easy [getting back in shape after LES MISERABLES]. And by the way, it gets harder every year! That was a particular challenge, because at the start of filming I was 83kgs and had to finish up 97kgs. We did have a family holiday recently, but it felt more like boot camp for me!”

And here are a few pictures of the sets in their extremely early stage of construction (you can still see design/art from THE GREAT GATSBY):

The Wolverine under construction

The Wolverine under construction 2

Source: Movie Hole

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