Image Entertainment will distribute Daniel Robbins’ monster movie Uncaged

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

RLJ Entertainment has announced that they've acquired all U.S. rights to the horror film UNCAGED, which they'll distribute under their Image Entertainment brand.

The feature directorial debut of Daniel Robbins, UNCAGED stars Ben Getz and THE SACRAMENT's Gene Jones in the story of

a young college student who attempts to discover the cause of his sleepwalking, only to uncover a terrifying secret. 

That official synopsis hides a very important fact about the project, although it's one given away by the poster art and teaser trailer: UNCAGED is a werewolf movie.

I had only mild interest in UNCAGED when I saw it described as some kind of sleepwalking thriller, but knowing there's a werewolf involved raises my anticipation level a great deal. There's not enough werewolf movies, in my opinion, and definitely not enough really good ones. Here's hoping we'll be able to count UNCAGED among the best of them.

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Source: Arrow in the Head

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