Interview: Amy Ryan, Nathan Lane, and Parker Posey Talk Beau is Afraid

Ari Aster has quickly become a favorite of mine. The filmmaker has crafted three excellent and terribly fascinating features Hereditary, Midsommar, and Beau is Afraid. His latest is a strange and beautiful concoction of mommy issues gone wrong. It’s a delicious black comedy, it’s a little horrific, and it’s weird AF. Yes, weird is a great description – seriously, check out Chris Bumbray’s own take HERE. And, of course, Joker Oscar winner Joaquin Phoenix is utterly stellar here. This incredible cast includes the great Patti LuPone, Zoe-Lister Jones, Armen Nahapetian, and more. It’s very likely you’ve never watched a flick quite like this.

I recently had a terrific conversation with a few of the cast members behind this strange tale. Amy Ryan and Nathan Lane, who are both terrific here, add a wonderful element to the storyline they inhabit. The two opened up about working with Mr. Phoenix and what it was like with Aster at the helm. As for Ms. Posey, speaking to this talented performer was a joy. She has much to celebrate with this feature and the 30th anniversary of her indie charmer, Party Girl, in a couple of years. Parker talked about being a part of this film and creating an inspired and mysterious character in this unusual story.

With all that said, as a fan of Aster, I loved this odd flick with all my heart. If you want to dive into the compelling, unexpected, goofy, and bizarre, check out Beau is Afraid in theatres this Friday.

The story of Beau is Afraid goes something like this: An anxious man learns of the death of his mother under mysterious circumstances and upon traveling home makes an alarming discovery about his past. During his journey, he runs into various crazy supernatural threats.

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