Interview: Green Zone star Matt Damon!

Matt Damon is a handsome man. I am not. This is readily apparent to most everyone and when I arrive for our chat, I’m asked if I’d like to have these interviews shot in HD. Um, no HD might be good for Damon but this face is made for the most standard of defs.

Damon and I share a few moments of unscripted chat while the cameras are set up and he shares a funny story about working with Al Pacino on OCEAN’S 13 and how Pacino hated HD. He launched into a pretty funny Pacino impression, I rested my head on my hands and batted my eyelashes in a dreamy gaze. AHEM. I mean, we high-fived and talked about sports.

Damon truly is one of the genuinely nice guys in Hollywood and it was a pleasure to sit down and talk with him about GREEN ZONE, Paul Greengrass and more.


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