Interview: Sexy Unstoppable star Rosario Dawson!

One of the sexiest stars in Hollywood is trading her SIN CITY leather to take the helm of a runaway train this November. Flanked by co-stars Denzel Washington and Chris Pine, Rosario Dawson plays Connie Hooper, a dispatcher who needs to stop an unstoppable train.

Based, in part, on the true story of two railroad workers from Ohio, UNSTOPPABLE pits Dawson, Pine, and Washington against a runaway train carrying enough combustible and poisonous materials to destroy a city. Dawson’s no wallflower though. While the boys are busy climbing train cars at unbelievable speeds, Dawson’s character has to lead the battle charge while handling the bureaucracy.

To find out more about her role and what drew her to the part, we talked to Dawson herself about aiming for action-oriented roles as a woman and a man known only as “White Denzel.”


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