It’s the Booze Talkin’: Can Patrick Lussier direct another flick already!

Last Updated on July 22, 2021

As an old school fan of James Cameron’s THE TERMINATOR and TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY, I find myself feeling cautiously optimistic for the upcoming TERMINATOR: GENESIS. While the last two feature films didn’t quite live up to the franchise good name, I’m hoping for the best with this new flick. Of course if you haven’t heard, this highly anticipated sequel boasts a fun cast including Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor, Jai Courtney as Kyle Reese, Jason Clarke as John Connor and of course Arnold Schwarzenegger is back as the “Terminator.” Another factor that gives me hope is the screenplay for this new chapter which is being written by two very intriguing names, and that includes Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick Lussier. Both of these writers have me enthusiastic for what lays ahead, especially genre favorite Lussier.

To see his name attached to a TERMINATOR film excites me because I think he could add something to this project. And while I’m thrilled to see him on-board, what I’d really like to see is this talented filmmaker behind the camera again. Lussier has always been able to tell a story. From his early years as an a editor on such television shows at “21 Jump Street” and “The Hitchhiker” to his terrific partnership with the iconic horror director Wes Craven, he proved to be major talent. Looking back at the SCREAM franchise, Lussier helped the director create a visually exciting franchise that struck a chord with audiences. The two worked perfectly together bringing to life the witty screenplay(s) by Kevin Williamson into a satisfying mix of suspense, horror and comedy. Thankfully, the editor was able to expand upon that with his own directorial work as well.

He began his directing career with THE PROPHECY 3: THE ASCENT in 2000 and that same year he offered the world Gerard Butler in DRACULA 2000. He continued to explore the Dark Prince in the sequels DRACULA II: ASCENSION in 2003 and DRACULA III: LEGACY in 2005. As a Dracula fan, I had fun with these flicks and wouldn’t even mind seeing another one at some point. Next for Lussier (the director) was the enjoyable sequel WHITE NOISE 2: THE LIGHT in 2007 starring one of the kings of all things genre, Nathan Fillion and the lovely Katee Sackhoff. While most of these flicks went straight to video, what he had in store was downright awesome.

In 2009, Lussier – with a script by Todd Farmer and Zane Smith – took the story of Harry Warden from one of my favorite early Eighties slasher films, MY BLOODY VALENTINE, and actually made a terrific remake. This is the type of horror flick 3D was made for with some incredible kills, a groovy script and a solid cast. This was a rare case of a sequel being equal to, or dare I say better, than the original. MBV 3D was a f*cking blast and it still holds up well when I return every year to Hanninger mine for some bloody pick-axe slashing fun. Of course, there was nothing like seeing this flick in all its 3D glory when it hit the silver screen. Lussier brought the fun of 3D back into horror in a very satisfying manner.

Okay, I get that some of you may not have had the ride of a lifetime with Lussier’s next flick, but he nailed it for yours truly. 2011’s DRIVE ANGRY was a full-throttle, ridiculously giddy ride. Nicolas Cage was a blast, Amber Heard was sensational and of course you can’t do any better than William Fichtner. You even had “Revolution” and TWILIGHT star Billy Burke turning it up to one hundred and kicking major ass. Once again, this was another example of how damn much fun 3D can be when you do it right. It may not be Shakespeare, but this badass car flick with a crazy cult leader and a dude returning from the dead to seek vengeance was a blast and a half. This was further proof that Lussier knows how to bring the joy of movies to life.

With the over-the-top goodness of DRIVE ANGRY and one of my personal favorite holiday classics – the MY BLOODY VALENTINE remake – the many sequels and reboots he was rumored to be a part of had my attention. If he can take an 80’s slasher flick like VALENTINE and give it new life, I’d been keen on seeing what he would have done with a certain boogeyman named Michael Myers. There was a time when both Lussier and Farmer were attached to HALLOWEEN III, a sequel to Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN 2. I love that nutty masked psycho and would have been very happy to see what these two would have done differently and where they could have taken this horror icon… HALLOWEEN 3D anybody?!?

Aside from his involvement in TERMINATOR, and the may never happen sequel to HALLOWEEN he should have been allowed to make, he has been linked to a few other projects as well. We’ve been hearing his name attached to such movies as the vampire flick IN DARKNESS as well as the HELLRAISER reboot. According to his Wikipedia page he was attached to direct CONDITION DEAD and the adaptation of Michael Slade’s HEADHUNTER, but this is Wikipedia we are talking about here. Clearly this current project is going to take a bit of his time away, but we need to get Mr. Lussier’s name back on the Directed By credit.

Maybe it’s the booze talkin’, but let’s get Patrick Lussier another film to direct pronto. The man is a talented writer, and he has directed some groovy genre flicks and managed to bring 3D to life in a thrillingly fun way. With his considerable technical knowledge, he was able to approach a movie like MBV 3D or DRIVE ANGRY 3D and bring it right out into the audience. Let’s see what he can do with HALLOWEEN III. Or how about any of the other flicks he is rumored to be directing? Either way I just want to see another Patrick Lussier directed bit of genre goodness.

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