Jackass 4: Bam Margera allegedly fired for breaking his contract

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

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The Jackass crew are known for their over-the-top and dangerous antics that are done all in good fun but the situation has turned pretty serious for one of its participants. Bam Margera, who is surrounded around continued uncertainty regarding his involvement in Jackass 4, has permanently been booted from the sequel according to "TMZ." The news comes after Margera posted a disturbing video on social media ranting that the Jackass team booted him from the project.

Margera deleted the video soon after it was posted and suggested there was no bad blood between himself and the rest of the team but a new report from "TMZ" states that everyone involved in Jackass 4 thinks it's best for Margera not to participate so he can get the help he needs. His dismissal comes down to his refusal to abide by specific guidelines that producers had required for him to be a part of the movie. These guidelines were put in place because producers were afraid of Margera's past substance abuse and erratic behavior. 

In order to remain a part of the film, Margera's mandatory requirements included routine drug tests, including urine samples. Margera also had to stay fully committed to staying sober, blowing into a breathalyzer, proving he took his medication and seeing a psychologist during production. In his original Instagram video that has since been deleted, Margera did mention some of the conditions but there is no word as to which one got him fired. What is known is that one or more of these conditions were not met and this is why they have decided to let him go for breaking his contract.

The sad part about a lot of this is that Jackass 4 is reportedly the last hurrah for the crew and the idea of appearing in the movie had initially kept Margera on the straight and narrow. It's clear that he does need help but in his video, you can see there is a level of pain on display as he feels he's being cut out of something that he helped create. Margera is a member of the original crew that goes back to the MTV show and all of the other films which have been highly successful at the box office.

It's not clear at this time how much footage Margera actually shot on the new film or if any of it will actually be used. Margera did mention in his rant that he'd take co-creator Jeff Tremaine to court if the producers take the ideas he contributed to the film only for him to be fired. Margera also wanted fans who cared about him to boycott Jackass 4 and donate money so he can fund his own movie to compete with theirs.

Margera is no stranger to stints in rehab as he has been admitted several times over the past few years. His struggles seemed to increase when his best friend and Jackass co-star Ryan Dunn passed away. In 2019, Margera also admitted to struggling with bipolar disorder and it's a topic he brought up again in his recent video. The most important thing at this time is that Margera gets the help that he needs. His Jackass legacy can remain unscathed without appearing in the final film and if he can get ahead of his problems, there's a chance that he can make something of his life before it's too late.

Source: TMZ

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