James Wan conjures up some new actors for his next horror movie

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Ron Livingston (DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS, BAND OF BROTHERS) and Lili Taylor (PUBLIC ENEMIES, BROOKLYN’S FINEST) are currently in negotiations to take on two important roles in the James Wan horror movie THE CONJURING.  Or rather, the James Wan horror movie formerly known as THE CONJURING, as it is now called UNTITLED WARREN FILES PROJECT.  Arrow In the Head recently reported on the movie and its casting of Patrick Wilson (Wan’s own INSIDIOUS) and Vera Fermiga (THE DEPARTED, ORPHAN) as “a husband and wife team of demonologists and psychic investigators who enter the most horrifying case of their career, spirits in a Rhode Island farmhouse.”  Now here’s where Livingston and Taylor come in, as they’ll be playing the couple who own the house in which the spirits are causing all sorts of horrific trouble. 

And not just any horrific trouble, but supposedly the real kind of horrific trouble.  The story is based on the real life tale of the Perron family and their ordeals in the 1970s. When New Line acquired the pitch from the Hayes, it included life rights to the Perron family and the paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren.”  The movie is set to shoot in March, and considering its low-budget nature and James Wan’s relatively speedy filming style, it shouldn’t be too long before this movie is making me scream like a frightened child.


*Vera Farmiga is one hell of a foxy lady, and so it is my duty to include this here.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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