Jason Alexander doubts Seinfeld reunion is happening

Jason Alexander confirmed that neither he nor anyone else other than Jerry Seinfeld, has information on a Seinfeld reunion.

Seinfeld reunion

The show famous for being about nothing may have a reunion that amounts to exactly that. Despite Jerry Seinfeld himself saying that “something is going to happen” with a Seinfeld reunion, none other than George Costanza has cast doubts over whether it will happen or not. And it doesn’t come down to a “It’s not you, it’s me” scenario, either…

Speaking with Extra TV, Jason Alexander said the source for the talk over a Seinfeld reunion (yes, Jerry Seinfeld) may be the only one, as none of the other core cast members – Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Michael Richards – were let in on the supposed news. “There is only one reason for that rumor. Apparently, at the end of some stand-up thing, [Jerry] went, ‘Larry [David] and I are thinking of something.’ Good for you. I don’t know anything about it… No one called me. Apparently, they don’t need George and they may not need Elaine ’cause Julia and I went, ‘Do you know anything about this? I don’t know anything about this,’ and I just talked to Michael the other day and I don’t think he knew anything about it.”

Seinfeld went off the air in 1998 after a wildly successful nine-season run. And while the series finale was one of the most-watched in history with more than 75 million viewers – it was so big that it was even broadcast in Times Square – the episode itself was a big letdown. Considering Seinfeld has only built its fanbase and stands as one of the most acclaimed shows in television history, we’d be looking at some huge numbers if a reunion ever took place. One could point to the Friends reunion as a prime example of a potential route they could take. And it may even top that special’s viewership, as the Seinfeld finale had 20+ million more viewers than the Central Perk gang’s own.

Whether or not we get a Seinfeld reunion, Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer have done quite well for themselves in the 25 years since the show went off the air – well, for the most part

Would you want to see a Seinfeld reunion? Would it work better as a scripted one-off, a retrospective with a full cast/special guest lineup or something else entirely?

Source: Extra TV

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