Jason Statham on lack of Stallone in The Expendables 4

Jason Statham admits that the minimal presence of Barney Ross does feel off in The Expendables 4 but it serves a function.

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If The Expendables 4 is failing to explode at the box office – and it is, pulling in a franchise-worst $8.3 million on opening weekend – there could be a few factors at play. One of the biggest is that series stalwart Sylvester Stallone doesn’t have as big of a role as he did in the previous entries. Now, The Expendables’ heir apparent, Jason Statham, has stepped in to explain the lack of Sly.

Speaking with Cinema Express, Jason Statham said Stallone’s smaller presence in The Expendables 4 works but he is definitely missed. “In this particular story, he is absent for reasons we don’t talk about, we have to guide ourselves through the ocean without him. There is something about not having him around that doesn’t feel right. So, we are getting through, the story is the story, we are trying to do our best, but the best days are when he is on set.”

On the role of the franchise and how The Expendables 4 fits the mold, Jason Statham remarked, Expendables is a franchise where you come to have your coke and your popcorn, enjoy yourself. You are looking at thrills, heart and also laughs. That is the triple threat of Expendables and I feel we have been able to establish the fun factor in this movie, when you get to laugh, get to be on the end of your seat, but you also get to be rooting for these characters.”

Even though Jason Statham is apparently ready to steer The Expendables in a fresh direction, fans of the franchise may not quite be game. Reception has been low for the fourth movie – especially so due to Stallone’s limited screen time – and that may only continue to dwindle, as Stallone has said that The Expendables 4 will be his last outing as Barney Ross.

For box office comparison, the first Expendables took in $34.8 million on opening weekend, while the second and third movies saw $28.6 and $15.9, respectively.

What did you think of Sylvester Stallone taking a smaller role in The Expendables 4? Where does the latest installment rank for you? Let us know below!

Source: Cinema Express

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