Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer are writing a movie to star in together

With Amy Schumer's TRAINWRECK bringing in over $100 million, you can definitely count on seeing her more in cinemas. If she has her way, her next co-star may be Jennifer Lawrence. Speaking with the New York Times, Lawrence opened up about the fact that not only did she befriend the comedian, but they have also almost finished writing a movie that they intend to star in.

Jenniefer Lawrence on how her relationship with Amy Schumer started:

I emailed her after I saw TRAINWRECK and said, ‘I don’t know where to get started. I guess I should just say it: I’m in love with you,.’ We started emailing, and then emailing turned to texting.

Regarding the story they are writing:

We play sisters. We’re almost done writing. It just flowed out of us. We’ve got about 100 pages right now. Amy and I were creatively made for each other. We have different flavors. It’s been the most fun experience of my life. We start the day off on the phone, laughing. And then we send each other pages. And we crack up. I’m flying out tomorrow to see her in Chicago. We’ll write a little bit with her sister, Kim, who worked with Amy when she was writing TRAINWRECK.

Having not been familiar with Schumer before, I found TRAINWRECK to be pretty damn funny (if not overlong). Given that Jennifer Lawrence has just been bouncing back and forth bettwen HUNGER GAMES and David O. Russell flicks, it'll be nice to see her break away and try something different, especially considering how personable she seems to be in person.

You can see Jennifer Lawrence next in JOY, which opens on December 25, 2015.

Do you want to see a movie starring Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer?

Source: The New York Times

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