Jennifer Lawrence has a creepy music video for House at the End of the Street

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

You guys might have to help me with this one…

I get an email from fellow editor, Alex about “Jennifer Lawrence’s music video”. Obviously, I’m intrigued. I click on the link, and get sent to Yahoo! Movies. Next thing I know, Jennifer Lawrence is singing away, strumming her acoustic guitar then in a little over a minute goes through a door and is tackled by some creepy undead thing.

All of this is from her upcoming film, HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREET. The video showcases her budding relationship with the seemingly attractive boy from down the street. Sarah (Lawrence) wants to become a musician, I’m guessing, so she thinks she has feelings for this clearly disturbed guy and believes that writing a song called “All You’ve Got to Do is Fall in Love” is going to fix things. I’m kind of at a loss. Or is this like when Jennifer Love Hewitt did a video for “How Do I Deal?” with scenes from I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER in the background? Yes, I remember that.

Check it out below and figure it out for yourself.

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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