J.M. Cravitoto’s Sundance chiller Reversal gets title change, release date

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

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Earlier this year we learned that IFC Midnight had picked up U.S. rights to J.M. Cravioto’s gritty psychological thriller REVERSAL after the films Sundance premiere, and now our brothers-in-blood at Fangoria have learned that the film will finally be coming our way in June, but with a new title: BOUND TO VENGEANCE.

BOUND TO VENGEANCE centers on a young girl, chained in the basement of a sexual predator, who escapes and turns the tables on her captor. It's a pretty insane little setup that will no doubt hit pretty hard with its subject matter. I love the idea of this girl being such a badass that after being put through the worst kind of hell, she decides to fight back rather than escape. I'm definitely onboard to check this one out when IFC Midnight releases it in select theaters and on VOD on June 26.

Here’s what you’ll need to know:

A gritty psychological thriller about a young woman chained in a basement of a sexual predator and manages to escape. However, right when she has a chance for freedom, she unravels a hard truth and decides to turn the tables on her captor.

BOUND TO VENGEANCE stars Tina Ivlev, Richard Tyson and Bianca Malinowski.

The screenplay was written by Rock Shaink Jr. and Keith Kjornes. Dark Factory’s Daniel Posada and Rodolfo Marquez produced alongside Alex Garcia of AG Studios.

BOUND TO VENGEANCE is the first film under the Dark Factory banner. The production company recently filmed ONE SHOT, starring Topher Grace and Anne Heche, in Mexico and plans to continue making English language films in its home country. Dark Factory has also lined up a second horror film with JM Cravioto, 100 CRIES OF HORROR, which is slated for production this year.

Source: Fangoria

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