John Boyega thinks he’s too old to play Static Shock & rather play Red Hood

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

John Boyega is coming off his run on the new STAR WARS trilogy with the final film, THE RISE OF SKYWALKER, months behind him. Boyega has made it clear he's not coming back for any STAR WARS related projects but has the actor considered any other franchises he might jump on? Apparently he has and one he thinks he's too old for while there is another DC property he has in mind.

The exchanges took place on Twitter and they were pretty short and sweet. A fan suggested to him that he should play Static Shock in the upcoming live-action film that was announced at DC FanDome with Reginald Hudlin at the helm. Here is what Boyega had to say about that:

Boyega is not wrong about being too old for the part. Virgil Hawkins, aka Static Shock, is a 14-year-old who is accidentally exposed to an experimental mutagen that leaves the geeky high school student with electromagnetic superpowers. He channels his newfound powers to fight evil, aided by his pal Osgood, who builds gadgets to help Virgil fight crime. Considering that Boyega is nearing thirty, playing a high schooler is likely not on the table.

Following that exchange, another fan said he should play the Green Lantern and Boyega seemed to have another DC character in mind that he could play:

The Red Hood character came about when the Jason Todd version of Batman's sidekick Robin, was murdered by the Joker. He is then resurrected in the comic book arc "Under the Red Hood" and returns to Gotham under the guise of Red Hood, an anti-hero with skills and methods similar to Batman, only much more lethal. The character has become a fan-favorite over the years, with many hoping to one day see him included in a BATMAN movie on the big screen. The character is due to make his small screen debut in the third season of Titans, with Curran Walters, who plays Jason Todd on the series, taking up the Red Hood mantle in order to wreak brutal havoc on the criminals of Gotham.

I could see him taking on the John Stewart version of Green Lantern or even Red Hood but Static Shock is just out based on age. I think Boyega is pretty talented and deserving of his own franchise to headline. Who would YOU like to see John Boyega play in the DC universe? Red Hood? Green Lantern? Slight de-again for Static Shock?

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