Johnny Depp is Kinda Crazy (video)

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

Johnny Depp is a dangerous Hollywood bad boy who got his start on the covers of teen magazines. This accidental superstar soon found himself on the silver screen depicting an army of freaky freaks and memorable characters. He is known for his collaborations with Tim Burton and his rock star lifestyle. Mr. Depp has earned the nickname of "The Method Clown" because he embraces method acting into his craft but also thinks it is all kinda silly. His numerous incidences with the law (usually involving too much wine) and his wild characters (usually involving Tim Burton) have gained Johnny Depp a respected place in cinema history. This man can carry a billion dollar franchise and also play around in small independent productions. The dedication Johnny Depp brings to his bizarre performances is truly inspiring. He could have skipped down the Hollywood's easy street snatching up all the handsome leading roles but this crazy man choose to be an unpredictable character actor and we thank him for that. The art cinema has changed for the better because of Depp's craziness. He tells the stories he wants to tell and does anything/everything to hide his "sexy" face. So grab your scissors, slap on some gold teeth and feel free to become a drag queen because it is time to experience the crazy that is Johnny Depp.

What actor/filmmaker do you think is KINDA CRAZY?     


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