Jonah Hill tops Samuel L. Jackson as most foul-mouthed movie actor

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

This seems like a distinction that was made for Samuel L. Jacksons but it turns out that another actor has delivered more expletives in movies according to a new study.

Buzz Bingo tasked themselves with figuring out which actor has uttered the most swear words on film and surprisingly the honor didn't go to Samuel L. Jackson. Jonah Hill topped the list and the actor was so overjoyed by the reveal that he shared his excitement in an Instagram post:

Samuel L. Jackson didn't even place second on the list. Following Hill was Leonardo DiCaprio which makes a bit of sense because Hill and DiCaprio racked up their fair share of F-bombs in Martin Scorsese's THE WOLF OF WALL STREET. Thanks to that film and his work in SUPERBAD and SAUSAGE PARTY, Hill's characters have cursed 376 times in total, and 22.9 times per 1,000 words uttered. Leonardo DiCaprio's roles have totaled up to 361 profanities while the movie with the highest number of swear words used in a film script comes courtesy of protagonist Jordan Belfort (played by Leonardo DiCaprio), who is the most foul-mouthed character in cinema, swearing an astonishing 332 times in 180 minutes. Jonah Hill’s character Donnie from the same movie ranks highest on swears per 1,000 words (74). Samuel L. Jackson is behind DiCaprio with 301 memorable curse words while other actors on the list include Adam Sandler (295), Al Pacino (255) & Denzel Washington (183).

The study, which covered over 3,500 movie scripts, also took a look at the most foul-mouthed films in general, and, once again, THE WOLF OF WALL STREET also topped that list.  715 curses are dropped throughout its 180-minute run time. Gary Oldman's 1997 directorial debut NIL BY MOUTH ranks highest proportionally, with 41.3 in every 1,000 words spoken being swear words. Other notable films on the list are UNCUT GEMS (646), CASINO (606), and JAY AND SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK (509). 

Time for Samuel L. Jackson to call up Quentin Tarantino so he can up his curse count on film. Oddly enough, considering how much swearing you do hear in a Tarantino film, only one of his movies is in the top ten list (RESERVOIR DOGS with 418). This is easily a feat that can be turned around and no one is up to the task more than Samuel L. Jackson.

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Source: Buzz Bingo

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