Junkie XL tweets about being replaced by Danny Elfman in Justice League

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

So news broke awhile ago that Danny Elfman – former BATMAN composer – will be replacing Junkie XL on JUSTICE LEAGUE (who took full on scoring duties after working with Hans Zimmer on BATMAN V SUPERMAN). Which makes a certain amount of sense, especially since Elfman and Whedon (who is taking over for Snyder on the film after a horrific tragedy) worked together previously on AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON. But that unfortunately left Junkie XL out of the loop. Now, with the use of Twitter, XL (real name Tom Holkenborg), got to release a statement about the whole ordeal.

Let's take a look:

Good to see he's taking it in stride.

Now I'm not a particular fan of Junkie XL (I find his scores generic), but I don't have anything against him either (they're also always at least solid). However, Elfman has created some iconic themes over the years, that – while cannibalizing himself – never sound like anyone else, and are instantly recognizable (including the themes for BEETLEJUICE and THE SIMPSONS). Even more heartening, is that as idiosyncratic as Elfman can be, he can also be a decent chameleon (stepping in for the TERMINATOR and AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON scores as well), so I'm sure the transition won't be too distracting (I assume he'd use XL's Batman theme rather than make a new one, similar to Zimmer letting XL do the Batman stuff in BvS). But we'll see, I suppose.

Meanwhile, JUSTICE LEAGUE will charge into theaters November 17th.

Source: Twitter

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