Katrina Bowden to lead shark thriller Great White

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

First-time director Martin Wilson's killer shark flick GREAT WHITE has just snagged TUCKER AND DALE VS EVIL and PIRHANA 3DD up-and-coming scream queen Katrina Bowden. Written by Michael Boughen (TOMORROW, WHEN THE WAR BEGAN), the film is inspired by true events.

It follows the story of 

seaplane operators and lovers, who take a flight to the picturesque Hell’s Reef. It isn’t long though before their idyllic trip turns into a living hell when they become abandoned miles from shore and in grave danger from what lurks just below the surface. Their only chance of making it out alive is to get to the beach, but with two Great White sharks hunting them, the odds are not in their favor.

Bowden said:

I am so excited to be back in Australia to shoot this film. It has been nine years since my last visit and this time around I am really getting familiar with beautiful Queensland. I feel very lucky to get the chance to work in Australia, especially on a film project I love so much that it is unlike others I have done before. It is going to be a very fun adventure.

Kingston added:

Ever since watching Jaws as a kid I realized the effect a shark film can have on a movie audience. The fear you feel in the cinema and again venturing into the water is real. Great White draws on that fear and together with great performances, delivers a real and relatable experience, hopefully to a whole new generation of cinema-goers.

Aaron Jakubenko, Tim Kano, Kimie Tsukakoshi and Te Kohe Tuhaka are set to co-star. Michael Robertson and Neal Kingston are producing the film, which is all set to bite you in the ass in 2021. Are you up for swimming with Katrina Bowden… and a great white shark? Let us know below!


Source: Deadline

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