Keanu Reeves week is coming

Last Updated on October 20, 2021

Pop quiz hotshot. You’re a mega movie star. You make millions of dollars a movie. Everyone loves you, and you’ve been an icon for thirty years. You can do whatever you want, so what do you do? What do you do?

Well, if you’re Keanu Reeves, you use your fame and influence to make lives better for other people, and not in a “look how woke I am” kind of way. No, instead, if you’re a guy like Reeves, you embrace kindness, not only in the way you deal with your crew and colleagues but also in the way you treat your fans or people you meet on the street.

The stories of Keanu Reeves being an all-around swell guy are pretty legendary by now. Remember that time he gave up his seat to a lady on the NYC Subway? Check it out below:

Or how about the time Octavia Spencer said he helped push her stalled car off the street (this was long before she was famous, but he was already a superstar)? Read all about it here. Or how he gave motorcycles to all of the stunt crew guys after shooting the Matrix sequels? He’s a legitimately good dude!

But you know what else? He’s also a damn good actor and one of the few superstar icons we have left. Think about it. In 1991, who was one of the biggest stars in the world? Keanu Reeves. Thirty years later, you know who’s still one of the biggest stars in the world? KEANU REEVES!

As such, we’ve decided to devote a week of programming on JoBlo Videos to this most excellent (Canadian) movie star. So starting Monday, you’ll be able to catch special Keanu Reeves editions of some of our shows, including The Best Movie You Never Saw, Face/Off, 22 Things You Didn’t Know About This Celebrity and more! So come back Monday and join us as we celebrate a guy I imagine everyone reading this article probably loves.

See you Monday! Until then, here are some of Keanu’s good deeds!

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