Kevin Feige tells secret of the MCU’s on-going success where others fail

Last Updated on July 31, 2021

In a recent interview with, Kevin Feige (head of the Marvel Cinematic Universe) explained why the Marvel brand has been so successful with its multi-film, universe-spanning blockbuster model, while others have either been struggling or outright failed outside the gate (*cough*AMAZING SPIDER-MAN universe *cough*). Here's what Feige had to say:

If I [traveled back in time and] told myself where we were headed, he’d probably spin out and collapse in a heap of anxiety. [However], I think that part of the reason we succeeded is because we have been able to stick to our guns and stick to our vision and not Monday morning quarterback based on what other are doing…Or based on think pieces about the state of the industry. We started out being very excited that we were finally able to be the people creatively responsible for a Marvel film ourselves and do them in the way that our instincts sort of called for us to do them.

Now, it's hard not to read this as a subtle dig at the DCEU, with reports that the studio forced a trailer house to recut the SUICIDE SQUAD movie after the GUARDIANS-influenced trailers (scored to classic '70s-'80s pop tunes) were a hit, changing the original, darker tone. Or reports of rebuking the "No jokes" policy after the critical failure of BATMAN V SUPERMAN (with the JUSTICE LEAGUE trailer doing its best to show "we do jokes too, now! Love us!") and be more Marvel-esque. But even if Feige wasn't throwing shade (which is also entirely possible), it's fair to say that staying true, steadfast, and enthusiastic (i.e. not ashamed of the source material) – as well as taking the right kinds of chances – has been the saving grace of the MCU.

Regardless, I know there are a subset of fans that think anytime there's a positive critical appraisal of the MCU, it's because we put Marvel's genitals in our various willing orifices, when that couldn't be farther from the truth. Mainly, because Marvel isn't a person, but also – if we're going purely by personal taste – I probably only really like 4 or 5 Marvel movies, and think the rest are various stages of mediocre. Hell, even if I hate 2/3 of the current DCEU films, I still prefer MAN OF STEEL over most MCU films, and am excited for WONDER WOMAN and (to a lesser extend) JUSTICE LEAGUE. 

But either way, what do you guys think? You agree with Feige? Or do you feel that it's more likely everyone is on Marvel's payroll in a deep, dark conspiracy against DC?

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