Kevin Smith gives an update on the Mallrats series and Jason Lee’s character

Last Updated on July 31, 2021

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Earlier this year, Kevin Smith announced that his MALLRATS 2 movie would instead be a 10-episode series. Since then, there's been no news regarding a shooting date or what network it may air on, but as of now, it still looks like a sure thing. Kevin Smith recently gave a small update on the series, speaking mostly about Jason Lee but also that the series would feature his character's son, Banner Bruce. Check it out!

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I ran into this mall rat in #Denton this weekend. When I met @jasonlee twenty one years ago, he was retiring from a career in professional skateboarding and looking to be a professional actor. But playing Brodie in #Mallrats was only his first step on the road to becoming much more than just a performer: Lee went and became a full-blown artist (if you haven't seen his photography, it's phenomenal). But more than that, he's enabling others to express themselves now, as a member of the arts community in Denton. As proud as I am of all the acting he's done, the fact that he's helping others make their art is a real stink-palm to mediocrity and indifference. I liked him when I met Jason in 1995, but I love him now for the man and artist he's become. I cannot wait to be on the Mallrats series set when this real life Father of three (almost four) brings #BrodieBruce back as the dream Dad to his and Rene's fictional kid, Banner Bruce.

Given Netflix's penchant for reviving cult and classic shows, I wouldn't be surprised if the series ended up there. Still, I'm surprised there's even a demand for a 10-episode series. I enjoy MALLRATS as much as the next person, but I don't know how 10 episodes of it might fare. At any rate, I'm certainly more interested in this than his "True North Trilogy." Seriously, is he done with that yet?

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