Kevin Smith has lofty ideas about who will direct Buckaroo Banzai episodes

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

kevin smith

There's an old saying that tells you to wish in one hand and shit in another and see which fills up first. If Kevin Smith has any intention on doing so as it pertains to who he hopes to land in the director's chair for episodes of the BUCKAROO BANZAI TV series he's behind, then I get the feeling he'll be holding a lot of poop in the foreseeable future. 

“I wanna get the people who loved it as much as me, so people like Richard Kelly, Edgar Wright, I’m gonna reach out to Quentin Tarantino, see if they’ll direct an episode. ‘Here’s a chunk of change, a 50-page script, eight days… go make your section.’ That’d be fun. It also means I won’t take all the heat myself. ‘Quentin was here, he didn’t f*ck it up!’”

That's what he told up in Montreal at this year's Fantasia International Film Festival. Now you tell me how many of those do you realistically see coming abord to handle an episode of the series. if it's more than zero, please elaborate further. 

Also, it speaks to the lackadaisical approach Smith has to even something like this where there really is no true structure to how the series will operate. No discipline. Here's some money. Here's your time frame. Go crazy. That's the direction being given in order to bring this whole thing together. I can't be the only one sniffing disaster at the moment, right?



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