Kickstarter might be used to partially fund Super Troopers sequel

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Back in February of 2013, Kevin Heffernan and the rest of the members of the Broken Lizard comedy troupe were hoping to start production on SUPER TROOPERS 2 by the end of the year, but obviously that didn't happen. So what's going on with the long-in-development sequel?

While speaking with UsWeekly, Steve Lemme gave an update on SUPER TROOPERS 2, and he says Fox will distribute the sequel, however they need to raise some money for the project first.

You know, it was a combination of having to settle some of the legal disputes about making a sequel, while also negotiating terms for it. The fans have been asking for it for a while, but we were finally able to package everything together. Fox is going to distribute the film, but we needed to raise the money for it. We're close. There may be a Kickstarter launched to raise the last little bit.

Lemme wouldn't reveal any plot details for the sequel, but does say it will pick up after the events from the first movie.

I think it's one of the more unique and interesting stories I've seen in awhile. But the movie picks up pretty much where we left off in the first one. It's a few years later. The biggest difficulty was trying to top that opening scene, which so many people have complimented us on. I think we've done it.

Steve Lemme goes on to say the gangs' mustaches will be back in SUPER TROOPERS 2.

Everybody who had a mustache in the first one will grow it back. Now the guys who didn't grow mustaches for the first one want to have a mustache. We're making them earn it, not sure how we'll haze them, but they better be prepared.

Lemme also says pre-production on SUPER TROOPERS 2 should start by next month, and the plan is to start filming in early 2015.

Are you still interested in seeing a SUPER TROOPERS sequel?

Source: UsWeekly

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