Kingdom Hearts III will feature a Toy Story world!

Last Updated on July 31, 2021

I remember when KINGDOM HEARTS first came out, and thinking what a stupid idea it was. Merging FINAL FANTASY with DISNEY? How absurd! Also, not really being a big Disney or anime fan at the time didn’t help. I’ve since come around on both Disney, anime, and RPGs, and to the KINGDOM HEARTS series in general. I still don’t like it, because I’m bad at games and don’t have the patience to get good at them, but I still admire the scope, ambition, and craft behind them. Also seeing a badass Mickey with dual swords will never not be cool.

Anyway, a third game is on the way, and yet another new world has been added to roster. No, it’s not Marvel or STAR WARS (yet), but it’s still cool nonetheless:

Wow! I must say adding TOY STORY to the mix is pretty cool. It also really shows how videogame graphics have improved when regular gameplay can match up to the original ’95 film. It also looks fun as hell, like a part where you apparently pilot a Zerg mech and ploy through bad toys. However, I still couldn’t get past Woody talking with a stern Japanese voice (though the Japanese guy doing Donald is killing it).

Meanwhile, the game is still in development, of course, but is supposed to be released sometime in 2018.

Source: YouTube

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