Comic Con: Top 10 Best Art Found At The Con

Last Updated on August 3, 2021

Yes, we all know that Comic Con has grown into a varied affair since its inception, but that doesn’t mean that the artistic aspect has left the building. In fact, there’s way more than you could ever fully take in, regardless of how much time you spend on the cattle call that is the convention floor. However, armed with my camera and heat-seeking eyes for cool art, I rounded up the top 10 pieces that really caught my eye and had that certain “cool factor” that put it a cut above the rest. I wish I could’ve seen more and I’m positive I missed plenty, but from the pieces I saw, these were the ones I’d love to have hanging on my wall (and some actually will be).

1. “Red Ranger” by Dave Rapoza

Dave Rapoza is an outstanding artist who has a very visceral, lively style that draws you in the second you see his work. He’s done many familiar pieces, but his Power Rangers line is gorgeous and this “Red Ranger” piece is the pick of the litter and my favorite piece from the convention floor. It’s like looking at a Power Ranger movie you’d actually kill to see, rather than die to avoid. Absolutely stunning.

3. Mondo monster posters for Godzilla and Pacific Rim

It should come as no surprise that Mondo would have some art up here, as they are constantly churning out beautiful slabs of art. However, their exclusives for GODZILLA and PACIFIC RIM are standouts, each with their own level of innovation and spirit, as it pertains to the Kaiju Monster Movie. GODZILLA is the craftiest, while PACIFIC RIM is the most vibrant, but together they are a duo of cool that would look sweet on any wall.

4. Untitled “Gotham City Sirens” by Mimi Yoon

This painting of the famed “Gotham City Sirens,” also known as Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, and additional member Talia Al Ghul is by artist Mimi Yoon and captures the luscious and dangerous spirit of these femme fatales in all their sleek, sexy glory. Talk about some killer ladies!

2. Captain America: The Winter Soldier concept art print

Released just prior to the start of Comic Con, this concept art image for CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER by Ryan Ryan Meinerding is simply a stunning, kick ass image that captures the intensity and epic-scale action that many are hoping to see in the Phase Two film from Marvel. Meinerding has been doing concept art for Marvel Studios for years and this is one of his best pieces to date, which was made available as a limited edition print throughout the convention. Fingers crossed that the movie is as awesome as this poster.

5. “One With The Light” by Raymond Swanland

Masterful fantasy artist Raymond Swanland’s piece “One With The Light” captures the iconic Jedi Master Yoda in a tremendous blend of light, color, and movement that makes you feel as if you are witnessing the famed Star Wars character in the midst of a truly “Force-level” moment. A wonderful, lively piece.

6. All Eyes On You with Princess Leia by Gris Grimly

Artist Gris Grimly puts all eyes on Princess Leia in the famed Death Star trash compactor from STAR WARS with this piece called “All Eyes On You.” Available as a canvas print, this stylistic, quirky piece is one of the most fun I saw on the floor and has a great blend of subdued colors and gorgeous lines. It reminded me of a Princess Leia Aeon Flux right off the bat and I was sold. Terrific work.

7. X-Men: Days of Future Past promo posters by Fox

If you sat through the Fox movies presentation in Hall H and got through the X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST one, then it’s likely that at some point a swag tag came your way, which is a ticket to pick up some sweet giveaways from the studio. As I was lucky enough to secure such a prize, it was pretty sweet to see that Fox had included to promotional posters for the upcoming X-sequel. The two prints are propaganda posters for Trask Industries and feature the renowned Sentinels as a force against the Mutant threat. Clever, cool, and stylish.

8. Guardians of the Galaxy concept art by Charlie Wen

So, not only is this concept art cool because it looks good, but because it also gives fans their very first look at the characters in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy movie. It’s the first slice of art that attempts to show the players in the film like the actors portraying them and it’s a great-looking piece to boot. Featuring the criminal line-up pose that fits well within the theme of the trailer played at Comic Con, this is a welcome sight. Rendered by artist Charlie Wen, who is a lead designer for Marvel (along with Ryan Meinerding) this is more proof positive that not only is Marvel doing things right, but they’re making it look damn good along the way.

10. Black Widow by Armando Huerta

Armando Huerta is my favorite “cheesecake” artist working today and among the many pieces he had on display at Comic Con this year, the Scarlett Johansson Black Widow from IRON MAN 2 piece is one of my favorites. Heurta can range from sexy to raunchy, taking almost every well-known Hollywood beauty and putting her in an extremely risque position, if you catch my drift. From pencil drawings to paintings, Huerta makes already beautiful women pop off the page, sometimes right out of their clothes, and with his style being what it is, that makes me a happy panda.

9. Captain America and Iron Man by John Giang

Artist John Giang is an illustrator who has worked on feature films like STAR TREK, RANGO, TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON, THE AVENGERS, and most recently on PACIFIC RIM. He’s got an exceptionally detailed and energetic style that harkens to anime in many ways, but with his own unique twist. Giang was on hand at Comic Con with many gorgeous prints, but the two that struck me the most were his Captain America and Iron Man pieces, neither of which I could choose over the other, so here you can see them both. Dynamic stuff!

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