Locked In: Famke Janssen stars in Netflix psychological thriller

Famke Janssen (X-Men) and Rose Williams (The Power) have the lead roles in the “contemporary psychological thriller” Locked In, which is currently filming in the UK. Produced by Nicky Bentham of Neon Films, with Alison Jackson of Gaumont serving as executive producer, the film is being made for release through the Netflix streaming service.

Locked In marks the feature directorial debut of Nour Wazzi, who has previously directed multiple short films and episodes of TV shows, and also contributed to the horror anthology movie Murder Manual. The screenplay was written by 28 Weeks Later co-writer Rowan Joffé, who crafted a story that pits the unhappy newlywed Lina (Williams) against her brittle, damaged mother-in-law, Katherine (Janssen). An affair sets Lina onto a journey of secrecy, betrayal and murder — and a plot to seemingly destroy her. But who is the real victim, and who can she truly trust?

Deadline reports that Janssen and Williams are joined in the cast by Alex Hassell (Violent Night), Finn Cole (Animal Kingdom), and Anna Friel (Monarch).

The first short film listed on Wazzi’s filmography was made in 2008, so she has been working in the entertainment industry for a while by now. She has also racked up more than forty assistant director credits in the last eight years. Her 2010 short film Habibti won prizes at the Gold Lion Film Festival, and the Canada, Mexico, and Cyprus Film Festivals. It will be interesting to see how her first feature turns out.

It will also be interesting to see Janssen in what sounds to be an antagonistic role. While she has played the heroine in multiple films, including X-Men movies and the haunted house horror film 100 Feet, she has also done well playing villains in films like The Faculty and the James Bond movie GoldenEye – which is where a lot of movie-goers saw her for the first time.

How does Locked In sound to you? Does this psychological thriller sound like something you would check out on Netflix? It’s definitely something that I’ll be taking a look at. Share your thoughts on this project by leaving a comment below.

Famke Janssen

Source: Deadline

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