Lonelygirl15’s debut

I know that at least one of the staff members here thinks that Jessica Rose is a “hottie”, but I’m yet to be won over. For those uninformed, Rose is the girl that somehow managed to captivate viewers on Youtube through her alter-ego, “Lonelygirl15”. As much as I would love to rag on that idea, I have to admit it was a pretty fantastic exploitation of the net, since here she is now starring in her first movie. The flick, PERFECT SPORT is apparently an alternative look at the world those wonderful movies about high-school athletes have shown us before in such masterpieces as BRING IT ON and BRING IT ON AGAIN. PERFECT SPORT will look at the rise and fall of an aspiring athlete (Anthony O’Brien), who after establishing himself at school as a promising wrestler, finds himself being overshadowed by his younger sister (Rose) after she joins the team. Yeah, he gets his ass handed to him by his little sister. Anyway, the ‘alternative’ look happens when our fallen athlete meets a former Navy Seal dying from cancer (Gary Hudson) who takes him under his wing… But has a dark secret…

PERFECT SPORT is slated for a Fall 2007 release.

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