Mad Max

Review Date:
Director: George Miller
Writer: George Miller, James McCausland
Producers: Byron Kennedy
Mel Gibson
Joanne Samuel
Hugh Keays-Byrne
Fuck me, this was a great movie!! Not sure when the last time was that I had seen it (or if I’d ever seen it!), but I just watched it on DVD tonite and kicked my arse all over the place!!

Some of the best car/bike chases that I’ve ever seen! Very kinetic, very quick, ideally edited for a film of its sort, this movie pummeled along like a locomotive and kicked me in the balls all the way through (ouch, that hurts!).

Seriously though….this is ONE FUN MOVIE, even after all these years. Forget GONE IN 60 SECONDS and rent this puppy again. Sure the dubbed dialogue blows and some of it reeks of B-MOVIE, but it’s all good when you get into it, and as you could imagine by now…I got into it!!

And where the fuck did director George Miller disappear to?? The last thing he directed was BABE 2 and before that, it was that cheesy drama LORENZO’S OIL. Dude, you’re an awesome ACTION director…get with the program!! Most of the action sequences on the road, the camera shots and quick edits are really sharp…

As a side note, this film was listed in the Guiness Book of World Records as the most profitable (profit to cost ratio) movie of all-time in 1998 (BLAIR WITCH beat it later). It cost only $400,000 to make and grossed over $100,000,000 worldwide.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a quick, fun, nacho-munching action movie with cheesy lines, great road shots and some really nifty directing (and there’s even a couple of “boo” scares in there), check this puppy out.

Fuckin’ aye he’s mad…I’d be a little pissed off too!!

(c) 2021 Berge Garabedian

Mad Max