Mallrats star Ethan Suplee Got Freakin In shape!

Remember the guy in MALLRATS who was staring at one of those "secret image" paintings of a schooner or sail boat? He was also in REMEMBER THE TITANS, MY NAME IS EARL, AMERICAN HISTORY X, and THE WOLF OF WALL STREET. If you still don't know who Ethan Suplee is, I can't help you. Anyways, the dude has gone through some serious weight rehab and has emerged a strappingly healthy stud! Take a look:


Between sets ama? All done now, thanks for the company!

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Kudos to Mr. Suplee for taking his well being by the horns and coming through in spades! I always thought the dude was a comedic talent and hope that he will continue tickling our funny bones for a very long time! First Kevin Smith, now Ethan Suplee! It's nice seeing those associated with the View Askewniverse getting healthy. Maybe Mr. Suplee will be back in Smith's sure-to-eventually-be-made MALLRATS sequel! 

Suplee also just launched a podcast that talks in-depth about his healthy transition called American Glutton, which you can check out HERE!

Source: TMZ, Instagram

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