Map your madness with the poster for Chilling Visions: 5 States of Fear

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Last week Chiller revealed the segment and directors line-up for their upcoming anthology CHILLING VISIONS: 5 STATES OF FEAR, a sequel to last years CHILLING VISIONS: 5 SENSES OF FEAR that will comprise shorts inspired by five basic human fears, with each short set in a specific location across five different U.S. states. Today you can map your fear as we've got the poster for 5 SENSES OF FEAR to share with you below.

CHILLING VISIONS: 5 STATES OF FEAR is set to premiere on Friday, July 11 at 9 p.m. and will feature segments helmed by Glenn McQuaid (I SELL THE DEAD), Graham Reznick (I CAN SEE YOU), Brett Simmons (HUSK), John Poliquin (GRAVE ENCOUNTERS 2) and Zao Wang (HONEYMOON SUITE). Find the rundown of the filmmakers’ shorts below, as well as the ‘state’ of fear each corresponds with.

  • Ego Death (“Sandy”) Written & Directed by Brett Simmons Produced By, Brett Simmons, Andrew Ducote, Kellen Moore for Brett Simmons Productions
  • Separation (“The Trouble With Dad”) Directed by Glenn McQuaid Written by Glenn McQuaid & Clay McLeod Chapman Produced By, Larry Fessenden, Jennifer Wexler for Glass Eye Pix
  • Mutilation (“Tick Warning”) Written & Directed by John Poliquin Produced By Dan De Filippo, Dave Marken for Pipeline Entertainment
  • Extinction (“Ghost Daughter”) Written & Directed by Zao Wang Produced By Zao Wang, Andrew K. Li for Chilling Coastline, LLC
  • Loss of Autonomy (“The Caregiver”) Written & Directed by Graham Reznick Produced By Larry Fessenden, Jennifer Wexler for Glass Eye Pix

CHILLING VISIONS: 5 STATES OF FEAR premieres on Friday, July 11 at 9pm on Chiller.

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