Maria Bello gets revenge in the new trailer for Big Driver

Last Updated on July 22, 2021

One of the most brutal of Stephen King’s short stories in his recent collection “Full Dark, No Stars” is BIG DRIVER, a story of a young novelist hell-bent on revenge after falling victim to a brutal crime. It’s an intense story that will no doubt have to fall on a strong performance from its star, Maria Bello. With how intense and graphic BIG DRIVER is on the pages, it has me wondering just how Lifetime plans on pulling it off, especially with the nature of the story.

Academy Award winner Olympia Dukakis (Steel Magnolias), Grammy nominee Joan Jett, film and television veteran Ann Dowd (“The Leftovers”), and Will Harris (“NCIS”) all star.

The world premiere of BIG DRIVER is on October 18th at 8/7c on Lifetime.

Tess Thorne (Maria Bello), a famous mystery writer who gets sidetracked during a long drive home from a book signing. After deciding to take a shortcut, she becomes stranded on a lonely New England road when her tire blows out. Thorne encounters another driver (Will Harris) who turns out to be a serial killer and assaults her. After being left for dead, Thorne escapes and plots her revenge.

BIG DRIVER was directed by Mikael Salomon and the teleplay was penned by Richard Christian Matheson.

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