Marlon Wayans set to take on six lead roles for Netflix comedy Sextuplets

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Wazzzuuuppp? It's been announced that ofttimes collaborating duo, Marlon Wayans and Michael Tiddes, are teaming up, once again, for a new Netflix comedy feature entitled SEXTUPLETS. In the past, both Wayans and Tiddes have joined forces for the making of A HAUNTED HOUSE, A HAUNTED HOUSES 2, FIFTY SHADES OF BLACK, and the 2017 Netflix comedy NAKED, a re-make of the 2000 Swedish fantasy comedy NAKEN. Starring alongside Wayans for the upcoming feature is his MARLON TV series co-star Bresha Webb (MEET THE BLACKS, RIDE ALONG 2).

In SEXTUPLETS, Wayans will play six lead roles for a comedy that tells the story of Alan (Wayans), a man embarking on a personal journey to meet his birth mother before the arrival of his first child. When Alan meets his brother, Russell, he discovers that he was born a sextuplet and decides to seek out his four other siblings (all played by Wayans). Together, the two brothers set out on a road trip to track down the rest of the family that they’ve never known, and Alan quickly realizes he may have gotten more than he bargained for.

The MULTIPLICITY-like comedy was written by Mike Glock, Rick Alvarez and Wayans, with Wayans and Alvarez handling production duties courtesy of their Wayans Alvarez Productions studio. Nathan Reimann will also produce.

Recently, Wayans stated that he is “Excited to be in business with Netflix on yet another project. I love how they embrace comedy and diversity. I am looking forward to doing the thing I love most… comedy.”

“Ever since we received the script from Nathan Reimann, Marlon and I have considered this movie a labor of love. Couldn’t be happier to team up once again with Mike Tiddes and Netflix,” Alvarez added.

Woof, I don't know that I can handle six Marlons occupying the same screen, all at once. How about you? Does the premise of SEXTUPLETS strike you as comedy gold, or yet another half-baked idea from the IN LIVING COLOR alum? I'll remind myself to remain optimistic about this one, as Wayans has delivered several notable performances in the past, including his part as Tyrone C. Love in Darren Aronofsky's REQUIEM FOR A DREAM, in addition to his role as Shorty for SCARY MOVIE and SCARY MOVIE 2. I've seen great comedians entertain with a hell of a lot less. Here's hoping that SEXTUPLETS can bring the laughs, and place a new spin on the twin comedy routine.

Source: Deadline Hollywood

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