Martin Scorsese may direct film version of Kenneth Branagh’s Macbeth play

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Justin Kurzel's MACBETH starring Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard will be in theaters later this year, but it appears another big screen take on the William Shakespeare tragedy is in the works from Kenneth Branagh and Martin Scorsese. Branagh starred in and co-directed a stage version of Macbeth that debuted at the 2013 Manchester International Festival, and during an appearance on BBC Radio's Kermode and Mayo's Film Review, Branagh said Scorsese might direct a movie version of his play.

We will remount the production and all things being well Mr Scorcese will direct a film version of that production. Fingers are hovering above pieces of paper. Everybody wants to do it, it's just a question of schedules. I'm very very hopeful it's going to happen.

Based on Kenneth Branagh's comments, it sounds like the project will be a recording of the stage show, similar to a concert movie. Branagh went on to say he hopes Scorsese will create something "very impressionistic" and "very abstract" with Macbeth. Branagh's play also ran last year at the Park Avenue Armory in New York, and it was advertised as "an intensely physical, fast-paced production that places the audience directly on the sidelines of battle."

Kenneth Branagh may be "very very hopeful" a movie version of his play is going to happen with Martin Scorsese behind the camera, but Scorsese is currently filming SILENCE, and he's attached to several other projects, including a Mike Tyson biopic starring Jamie Foxx and a rock 'n' roll drama series that will air on HBO. Do you think Scorsese will be able to find the time to film Branagh's Macbeth?

Martin Scorsese's SILENCE is expected to hit theaters sometime in 2016.

Source: Kermode and Mayo's Film Review (via What's On Stage)

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