Marvel finally confirms a strong cast of new characters for Thor: Ragnarok

Last Updated on July 31, 2021

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The time for speculation is over. Marvel Studios has finally come out and confirmed a few details they've been keeping under wraps for THOR: RAGNAROK, mostly concerning who is officially a part of the sequel's cast and what roles they'll be playing. 

Cate Blanchett, who we've all known about for awhile, is definitely going to be playing Hela, another tidbit we've been hearing on for some time. But then the layers of the onion start getting peeled back. Tessa Thompson's role, which was originally described as "a kind of superhero" has finally been revealed to be that of Valkyrie, the ally and one-time love interest of Thor who was chosen by Odin to lead the Valkyrior. She is matched only by Sif as far as Asgardian women are concerned, so add another bad-ass to the fray in her character.

Jeff Goldblum will also be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe in THOR 3, playing the Grandmaster. He is one of the ageless Elders of the Universe and a cosmic game player who gets his kicks pitting two sides against each other and watching the fallout. He also, at one time, possessed the Mind Infinity Stone before losing it to Thanos, so perhaps that may be one of film's larger connections to where the MCU goes next, heading towards the films formerly known as INFINITY WAR – PARTs ONE and TWO. 

Then we also have Karl Urban signing up in order to play Skurge the Executioner. Skurge is an interesting character because, while acting as a nemesis to Thor as one of the original Masters of Evil, he was often used by Enchantress and Loki in their schemes. His love of Enchantress had a big part in that situation. However, at one point, he did join up with the heroic side of the coin and sacrificed his double-bladed battle axe in order to delay Ragnarok in the comics. Hmmm… this THOR sequel is called RAGNAROK, isn't it? Maybe that means… Well, draw your own conclusions. 

In addition, Mark Ruffalo has been confirmed to be a part of THOR: RAGNAROK, answering the question of where the Hulk/Bruce Banner will pop up next. If you want answers as to how he may be showing up, I suggest backtracking a bit to get an idea of what the plans may be. 

High praise came in from Kevin Feige, of course, about the cast they've put together for this film… and who can blame him? On paper, it certainly does look fantastic. 

The continuation of the epic Thor franchise will be powerful and unique, and with the additions of Cate, Jeff, Tessa, Karl, and Mark to the cast we have the makings of his most dangerous and heroic adventure yet. The sheer, raw talent each of these actors brings to the screen can’t be quantified. Having any one of them join the Marvel Cinematic Universe would be an honor, and having all of them is incredible.

The THOR films are often overlooked in the grand scheme of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (probably because THE DARK WORLD isn't very good), but Marvel certainly is making a major effort to make THOR: RAGNAROK count in a major way in where Phase Three is going.

THOR: RAGNAROK opens in theaters on November 3, 2017.  

thor: ragnarok, marvel cinematic universe, marvel studios


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