McKidd a Highlander?

There can be only one! Unless there’s another one…

As we learned a few months ago, a “reinvention” of the HIGHLANDER franchise is in the works courtesy of Summit, the company behind the (soon to be massively successful) TWILIGHT movie. But who might possibly be willing and able to don the kilt and wield the hefty blade once held by Christopher Lambert?

JoBlo reader ‘Lynchy’ tells us that actor – and actual Scotsman – Kevin McKidd (HBO’s “ROME”, DOG SOLDIERS) was just on Dublin radio, and mentioned he’d been approached by the production company about starring in the film. We don’t know much more than that, but the producers did previously mention they would include medieval Scotland in their version of the story. And McKidd may have some time on his schedule after the termination of his “JOURNEYMAN” series.

In case you weren’t aware, the indefatigable HIGHLANDER series revolves around a secret race of immortals who, over the course of centuries, constantly clash and cut each other’s heads off with swords so they can absorb the special effects that spill from the decapitated bodies.

Source: JoBlo

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