Mira Sorvino & Lisa Kudrow both want to make Romy and Michele sequel

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

In a recent interview with E! Online, Mira Sorvino revealed she wants to do a sequel to ROMY AND MICHELE'S HIGH SCHOOL REUNION. Apparently Lisa Kudrow and screenwriter Robin Schiff are interested in a sequel as well, but they are waiting for Disney to agree to do a second movie.

Disney, if you're listening—everybody wants it! Me and Lisa and Robin would love to do a sequel. We have asked Disney before. It's Disney that has to decide to say yes. I don't think they realize what a cult phenomenon it has become. I mean, people dress up as us for Halloween!

Sorvino goes on to say while attending this year's SDCC over the weekend, ROMY AND MICHELE fans kept asking her about the 1997 comedy and if a sequel is in the works.

People were like, 'Why aren't Romy and Michele at Comic-Con?' I was like, 'It's not a current movie. It's a while ago.' And it was like, 'When are you coming back? When are you going to come here for the sequel?'

Now, I'm not totally against a sequel to ROMY AND MICHELE'S HIGH SCHOOL REUNION, however it's not something I've been dying to see happen either. I suppose they could do ROMY AND MICHELE'S 20 YEAR HIGH SCHOOL REUNION, but who knows if Disney has any actual interest in doing a sequel.

Are you game for a sequel to ROMY AND MICHELE'S HIGH SCHOOL REUNION?

Source: E! Online

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