Monstrous Beauty: Bella Ramsey joins Ruth Negga, Dominic West, and more for Romola Garai-directed drama

The Last of Us star Bella Ramsey is lining up their next big role for the Romola Garai-directed drama Monstrous Beauty.

Monstrous Beauty, Bella Ramsey, Ruth Negga, Romola Garai

Is Bella Ramsey the next big thing in Hollywood? After playing Lady Lyanna Mormont in HBO‘s Game of Thrones and Ellie Williams in The Last of Us, Ramsey is ready for their next significant role. This role is Ramsey’s first project since their stunning performance in The Last of Us [the actor is non-binary and now prefers they/them pronouns]. According to Deadline, Ramsey will play “an aspiring playwright in the court of King Charles II who suffers from a rare condition that means she is entirely covered in hair” for Monstrous Beauty.

Romola Garai (AtonementDirty Dancing: Havana Nights) directs from a script she wrote, combining fiction and real historical characters. Dominic West (The WireTomb Raider) plays King Charles II, Ruth Negga (PreacherPassing) plays his mistress Nell Gwyn, and Fiona Shaw (The AvengersHarry Potter franchise) plays Aphra Ben, the first ever published female playwright in history. Cameras roll is September, with Matthew James Wilkinson producing

Per Deadline, here’s the complete synopsis for Monstrous Beauty:

“Set in the 17th Century, Monstrous Beauty is the story of a unique young woman, Barbara Field (Ramsey), who was born into poverty with a rare condition that means she is entirely covered in hair. Given the precious gift of education, she is offered the opportunity of a place in the luxurious and decadent court of King Charles II (West) as a “Natural Wonder” where people with extraordinary appearances mix with the aristocracy.

“Fuelled by the desire to be defined for who she is rather than how she looks, Barbara aspires to become a playwright under the auspices of famous actress Nell Gwyn (Negga), powerful mistress to the King. Nell herself is intent on teaching Charles a public lesson on the true appreciation of women beyond their physical appearance. Barbara seeks the help of famous playwright of the day, Aphra Behn (Shaw), and casts beautiful actor Vale (the object of Barbara’s own desire) as the lead, despite his lack of talent. But will Barbara succeed in becoming a woman of independent means whilst challenging a highly patriarchal society, and become master of her own destiny?”

Oh, my! Monstrous Beauty sounds like a movie that spills all the tea! I am here for the drama, and Barbara Field is an intriguing role for Ramsey. I love the idea of preconceived notions shattering, especially in the public eye.

“I am beyond thrilled to be bringing this script, that I love so much and that has lived within me for so many years, to the screen. Barbara’s deep need to express herself and to be seen and appreciated by others… is all of ours; I am over the moon and truly humbled to be making this film with such an incredible roster of talent – they have responded with such intelligence, sensitivity and love to Barbara and her story,” said Garai.

Well, I’m interested. This unique project could be an excellent opportunity for Ramsey to flex their acting muscles. We’ll bring you more details as Monstrous Beauty comes together.

Source: Deadline

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