16 zombies injured on the set of Resident Evil 5

How many lives must be sacrificed in your quest for unlimited sequel money Mila Jovovich?

Just kidding, though 16 people were hurt on the set of Resident Evil 5, no one was killed fortunately, but it was a scary accident. A group of extras in full zombie makeup were on a mobile platform that suddenly shifted, causing them to fall about 20 feet to the ground.

The problem then became figuring out who was actually injured, and who was just wearing gruesome zombie makeup that looked like an injury. With several broken bones in the mix, it took a while to get sorted out who was hurt and who was just in costume. Is it bad that seems just a BIT funny? But I’m glad no one was seriously injured!

If you’re sitting there wondering why RESIDENT EVIL 5 exists in the first place, did you know that the fourth movie, AFTERLIFE, grossed $300M worldwide? Yeah, I know.

Extra Tidbit: Most confusing day to be an EMT ever.
Source: THR



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