The live-read of The Empire Strikes Back has cast its sexy Han Solo and Leia

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A few nights ago I shared with you information regarding Jason Reitman’s upcoming live-read of Irvin Kershner’s THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK script. If you’re not familiar, it’s basically when he gets some great talent to read an awesome script live on stage for one night only. The cast for STAR WARS so far includes: Aaron Paul as Luke Skywalker, J.K. Simmons as Darth Vader, Stephen Merchant as C-3P0, Dennis Haysbert as Lando Calrissian, and Kevin Pollack as Yoda. So as you can see, it’s awesome! While THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK live-read takes place at the Ace Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles, we can still live vicariously through our computers.

Now you’re asking, what about Han Solo and Princess Leia? Well Reitman didn’t disappoint; he cast two hotties because of course he did. Han Solo will be read by Oscar-nominated actress Ellen Page and Princess Leia will be read by Jessica Alba.

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Reitman said to EW about the casting of Page:

The Han Solo character is fascinating in that the approach to every other character in Star Wars is earnest and kind of sweet and old-fashioned. The heroes are heroes, and the villains are villains. And within this world, we’re introduced to one human being who looks at it all with irony. He’s the guy who doesn’t give a crap. In casting Han, the most important thing is: Who has the most interesting, ironic approach to life? And when I think of that, I think of Ellen Page. She’s a small human being who has the energy to fill Madison Square Garden.

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When it came to Alba:

For Leia, I just wanted to find an actress who was beautiful and also had the ability to be tough and funny, and I’ve seen Alba do all of that. And I needed somebody who would have chemistry with Ellen….Chemistry is chemistry, whether it be between a man and a woman, two women, or two men. I have no doubt that Ellen Page could have chemistry with anybody.

What do you think of the casting?

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Source: EW



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