A prequel comic for Inception sets you up for the mind bending film

In two more days INCEPTION releases. Did you go this whole time without exposing yourself to clips or behind-the-scenes material?

Well, consider this your last test...

Yahoo! Movies has posted a digital comic prequel to the film. Writer on several segments for the awesome GOTHAM KNIGHTS, Jordan Goldberg penned the comic's dialogue. The artwork was done by several artists over at UDON Entertainment: Long Vo, Joe Ng, and Crystal Reid.

Vo and Long do work on Capcom's Street Fighter comics.

The prequel is titled, "The Cobol Job" and the events are what take place before the story in the film. It's not terribly long, only 18 pages. Kind of a neat set up in my opinion. Since this is the prequel, it won't really spoil anything for you. It does show how Leo and company get inside the dreams, so that might be the only "spoiler" type thing in there.

Click on the excerpt from the comic to head over to the whole sha-bang.

"What took God six days to do, we could do in thirty seconds. While we rested."

Extra Tidbit: We're not very generous when handing out a 10/10 for a review, but Mike Sampson felt INCEPTION deserved it.
Source: Yahoo! Movies



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