Al Pacino hunts a killer with Karl Urban in Hangman trailer

Al Pacino remains one of the world’s most celebrated actors, and even after a career filled with classics and awards, the actor is not slowing down for a breath. You only need to look at the trailer for his new movie, HANGMAN, where he plays a cop who comes out of retirement to help active cops (played by Karl Urban and Brittany Snow) catch a serial killer. The case ends up becoming one of the most challenging of his career and will take him to the heart of darkness. He's running out of time *puts on sunglasses* and vowels. Watch the trailer above!

The movie looks like decent late night affair, especially for Pacino die-hards. I don't believe for a second this is going to hit theaters, so perhaps keep an eye out for it On Demand or at Redbox. Pacino is always worth something, so maybe that's enough to check it out. That, or perhaps you're a big fan of hangman and get a kick out of guessing the right letter. Do you think the killer will include drawing hats and smiley faces? That would make the solving of the puzzle much easier.

HANGMAN will probably arrive sometime in 2018.

Source: Saban Films



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