AMC releases press statement immediately dropping texting in theaters idea

Well that didn't take long! As you may have heard, AMC CEO Adam Aron recently spoke about the possibility of allowing people to text in certain AMC theaters down the road. The online response was unanimous and Aron has already released a press statement stating that you have been heard, and that there are NO PLANS TO ALLOW TEXTING IN THEATERS. Check out the official press release below.

Click to embiggen:

I'm not gonna trash the guy for spit-balling, but I'm glad to see that he IS actually listening and was quick to shoot down the texting-in-theaters idea. Theaters love gimicky bullshit like D-Box and 4DX to try and lure more folks to screenings. I really hope that whatever Aron and AMC come up with are genuinely good ideas that enhance the theater experience, and not sully it. At the very least, we won't have to contend with other folks texting for the time being.

Source: AMC
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