Andy Garcia to play Ricardo Montalban in the HBO biopic My Dinner With Herve

Deadline is reporting that Andy Garcia (of recent GEOSTORM fame) will be playing Khan himself, Ricardo Montalban in the HBO's upcoming Herve Villechaize biopic MY DINNER WITH HERVE. As you may know, one of Villechaize's most iconic roles was as the assistant Tattoo to Montalban's enigmatic Mr. Roarke on the hit '70s TV series FANTASY ISLAND.

Now, I've said my piece about the unfortunate white-washing of the eponymous Herve Villechaize before (who will be played by GAME OF THRONES' Peter Dinklage), but at least Garcia and Montalban are both of Latino descent. Also, I didn't think Garcia much looked like Montalban before, but after putting them side-by-side for the header pic, I have to say it's a pretty good resemblance. Besides, Garcia is a great actor, so I assume he'd do a good job - complete likeness or not.

I'm actually looking forward to this movie. The cast (even Dinklage, despite the aforementioned misgivings) is shaping up to be very interesting, and I like the more focused approach to the biopic. I will definitely keep an eye out for this one.

Meanwhile, MY DINNER WITH HERVE will premiere on HBO sometime next year.

Extra Tidbit: FANTASY ISLAND ran for seven seasons, from 1977-1984.
Source: Deadline



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