Another awful poster for New Year's Eve

Warner Bros. just sent over this new domestic "banner" for NEW YEAR'S EVE, but it sure looks like a poster to us. A pretty terrible one, at that.

It's not quite as bad as the last poster, which was just pretty much the bottom half of this one, but it's still trying to cram in way too many names and way too many faces. One or the other, designers!

Sadly this film isn't a holiday-themed horror movie (there aren't really any good New Year's ones!) but a sappy comedy. I guess the poster fits with the film, which by the looks of the trailer is trying to tell about two dozen stories at once. 

I'm not sure how many of you have been to Times Square for New Year's Eve but here's my advice- don't go. A crowd of over a million people plus having to hide your booze plus nowhere to go to the bathroom equals one helluva mess. Plus there's the fact that it's usually ridulously cold and you have to listen to horrible musical acts. Just find a good bar near you if you need to be out, folks. Oh, and probably skip this movie too.



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